We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Maintenance Contract.

We are confident that this contract will:

  • save you money in the long term;
  • increase your radio efficiency
  • increase productivity
  • assist in keeping you within your budget
  • increase equipment life span

The Maintenance Contract is in two parts for your convenience:

  • Option A: Quarterly Site Maintenance
  • Option B: Repairs to Equipment only


This Maintenance Contract may be entered into in a few different ways to suit your operations and will differ from operation to operation and or system to system. Each contract will be tailored to suit your requirements.

By entering into above mentioned Maintenance Contract you will be entitled to the following:

  • Group purchase prices on all new equipment and accessories;
  • Fixed lower rates for installations, removals and transfers of radio and or cellular equipment;
  • Quarterly site visits at special contract rates;
  • Competitive traveling and traveling time rates;
  • Free consultation, planning and assistance on license applications;
  • Telephone assistance from technical staff;
  • After hours services at special rates;
  • Special attention to requirements and repairs; and
  • Extended warranty on certain products. 



Hereafter, our Option A & B.  

Option A


  •  Option A is based on a quarterly Service i.e. once every 3 months. Omega will service all radio equipment as per   contract. (But exclude repairs up to component level).
  •  Subject to a minimum, as arranged with customer, radio equipment to be available per arranged service day.
  •  Services will be planned and arranged by appointed person at Omega.
  •  Radio equipment to be made available for service on arranged dates.
  •  Traveling is included, should radio equipment be available at arranged time,   or
  • Should equipment not be available at scheduled service and Omega have to re-schedule for all or part of the equipment, traveling will be charged from Jet Park and back at the rate of R6-50 / km excluding V.A.T.
  •  This option can include or exclude material and accessories and will have a price difference.
  •  Any repairs and spares inside equipment will be invoiced out separately and customer to issue official company order accordingly.
  •  Any un-contracted work done will be cost as per contract labour rates.


Option B


  • This option includes the repairs of the equipment up to component level.
  • On a pre-arranged fixed day, on site, either weekly / two-weekly / monthly and or on a carry in basis at Omega’s workshops in Jet Park, Boksburg.
  • Repairs to be carried out only on equipment which has been reported faulty.
  • Spares (components) included (material & accessories excluded).
  • Traveling where applicable included.


Terms and Conditions for Options A & B

1. Cover repairs up to R750.00 (excluding V.A.T);

2. Repairs or service calls made necessary as a result of malicious damage, accident, fire, lightning, flood, power or theft                specifically excluded, (this charges should normally be covered by the customer’s own insurance);

3. Repairs and site visits resulting from third party equipment excluded and will be chargeable to customer;

4. V.A.T. excluded, to be added to all;

5.  Payable monthly in advance by debit order;

6. In January each year, the service charges may be adjusted based on either

   Seifsa Index C3 (A) or Consumer Price Index (CPI);

7. All other charges shall be payable within 30 days from date of invoice;

8. The company shall be entitled to levy interest as per our Standard Conditions of Agreement on any late payments;

9. Workmanship and parts used on chargeable service calls are guaranteed for a period of 30 days.

10. Any work on equipment not specified in the “Equipment Schedule” is excluded from Option A &/or B.