Production Optimization & Improved Security for the mining

Productivity – optimize workload so that more tasks are done in less time 

Asset management – easily track business asset rotation in order to better plan for your budget

Situational awareness – prevent emergencies and provide a safer work environment for your personnel

Zero Tolerance for Failures

Mining companies have to manage a lot of mission-critical processes. Safe and productive operations in remote and underground environments require a reliable communication system, while being able to react quickly to emergencies is crucial.

Many mines still use legacy radio systems. In some countries there is a requirement for interoperability with existing analog radio networks. SWIFT IP Gateways enable smooth analog to digital migration and can support both digital and legacy systems during the entire transition period.

You may want to track your assets inside a mine where the GPS service may not be available. TRBOnet Enterprise /Plus is fully compatible with Indoor Tracking solutions based on iBeacons or K-TERM beacons.

The Telemetry module triggers different types of alerts on alarms sent by sensors installed in the mine. The dispatcher is able to send a telemetry command from the console to a remote location to open or close gates, activate elevators or set off an alarm.

Key features

Blast tone/ Alarms

Various alarms can be activated remotely to notify workers about upcoming emergency situations. This include sound, smell and light systems of notification. Wherever personnel are, critical messages are sure to reach them so they can act accordingly. All alarms can be pre-recorded and scheduled to start and repeat automatically with specific time intervals.

Constant and reliable connection

With TRBOnet it is now possible to track personnel inside the mine where a satellite network is not available. TRBOnet is fully compatible with any existing tracking systems that are used in the mine. In installations where no tracking systems exist, TRBOnet Indoor technology can be used as a beacon to capture location data from inside the mine and transmit it to a dispatch console.

Channels are automatically switched and optimized when personnel and vehicles are moving further down the mine so that the connection between radio users and dispatchers is continuous and stable.

Custom maps

Any custom maps can be integrated into the system. TRBOnet supports CAD, Google and any other maps that are commonly used in the mining industry.

Multifunctional dispatch center

Multiple remote dispatchers can have variable and flexible levels of control over different dispatch functions, which allows for effective separation of duties, and enables them to specialize in different tasks in order to reach maximum efficiency. Thus, each department can have a dedicated supervisor – such as Extraction, Processing, Logistics and many more.


The dispatch center is no longer just a communication bridge. With the TRBOnet telemetry features a dispatcher can remotely open and close gates, activate elevators and change the access rights at any time all using two way radios


The dispatcher stays aware of the events happening miles away and can immediately respond in case of an emergency. The radio unit is constantly monitoring position as well as motion and sends alarms to a dispatcher if unusual behavior is detected. All presets and parameters for Man Down/ No Movement can be programmed over the air. The “Radio Allocation” capability helps to log and control radio usage and provides detailed reports on radio usage by personnel over the course of time.


With Geo-fencing the system will automatically notify a radio when entering a no go or high risk area for example when blasting is taking place. The dispatcher and or radios will be notified that a radio has entered one of these areas with alarm notification